Product Application

Our products are widely used in Railway Overhead Line, Overhead Transmission Line, Distribution Station, Power Plant, High Voltage Overhead Line and so on.

Power Plant

· Hollow Insulator

Distribution Station

· Station Post Insulator
· Hollow Insulator

Overhead Transmission Line

· Line Post Insulator
· Suspension Insulator
· Pin Type Insulator
· Strain insulator
· Spool/Shackle Insulator

Railway Overhead Line

· Long Rod Insulator

Years Of Experience

The company has always focused on the research, design, production and sales of leading products in electric porcelain insulator industry, owns the most variety and the largest production quantity of porcelain hollow insulators.

square meters of modernized workshops
tons of annual capacity for porcelain insulators
years of leading position of porcelain hollow insulators worldwide
More than 30 countries where customers from

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About us

Welcome to Liling Huaxin Insulator Technology Co., Ltd

Liling Huaxin Insulator Technology Co., Ltd, was founded in 1985, located in Liling city, Hunan province. The company has always focused on the research, design, production and sales of leading products in electric porcelain insulator industry, owns the most variety and the largest production quantity of porcelain hollow insulators. Since 2009, the quantities of production and sales of porcelain hollow insulators have always been in the leading position worldwide.

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ABB/GE/Siemens Strategic partner for insulator


All insulators have type test report, qualified to overseas insulator


Manufacture non-organic bonding porcelain hollow insulator of 12 meters


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High Voltage Power Line Insulators, Porcelain Long Rod Insulators, Overhead Line Insulators Ppt

Liling Huaxin Insulator Technology takes pride in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying a wide range of insulators made in China.

Our ranges of insulators include:

Station Post Insulators, Porcelain Electrical Insulators, Spool Insulator, Solid Core Post Insulator, Line Post Insulator, Porcelain Insulator, Hollow Insulator, Composite Polymer Insulator, Glass Power Line Insulators, Ceramic Power Line Insulators, Transmission Line Insulators, Insulators On Transmission Lines, High Voltage Power Line Insulators, Porcelain Long Rod Insulators and many more.

We understand what you need and hence offer you the premium quality Power Line Insulator at affordable prices.

We make sure that all our products and services will deliver professionally. With this, we also ensure timely delivery of our entire product to all our clients.

Insulators at Liling Huaxin Insulator Technology

Porcelain Insulator

Porcelain Pin Insulator is mainly used in electrical applications for transmission and distribution of power. In addition, insulators are used for the distribution of lines carrying electricity.

We have wide Porcelain Insulator Types at reasonable prices.

1. Top Quality Porcelain Insulator 2. Porcelain Insulator in bulk 3. Porcelain Insulator at affordable prices

Composite Insulators

The utilization of Composite Insulators is to isolate electrical conduits without permitting flow to go through the encasings. Silicone is one of the most broadly utilized polymeric materials for high voltage items.

Buy Composite Insulators and Overhead Line Insulators Ppt in bulk from our company. Here you can get the top quality Composite Insulators at affordable prices.

Features of Composite Insulators:
1. High mechanical strength 2. Ideal completion 3. Great hydrophobic execution

Glass Power Line Insulators

Are you looking for the Glass Power Line Insulators made in China? Then, we are one of the top names to offer our valuable customers a prevalent quality scope of Glass Power Line Insulators in bulk.

Features of Glass Power Line Insulators:
1. Power Line Insulator with a compact design 2. Dimensional exactness 3. Long term durable

Porcelain Long Rod Insulators

Our teams of expert professionals are manufacturing the Porcelain Long Rod Insulators. We are using the high grade of material and cutting-edge innovation consistent with the worldwide quality principles.

Moreover, our items go through different tests under the oversight of value regulators to guarantee their faultlessness. As a result, our customers can profit from these separators at industry driving rates.
1. Made according to industry norms 2. Have high warm, safe properties and discover appeal in the electrical industry 3. Provides for long assistance life 4. Easily work on high temperatures and current burdens

High Voltage Power Line Insulators

Chinese Porcelain Line Insulator is made accessible by us according to characterized industry guidelines and is profoundly reasonable for high-voltage applications. Accommodating long help life, these accommodate high practical use and are created to bear high temperature and current.

Buy premium quality insulators in the bulk!

Purchase now the best quality Porcelain Electrical Insulators in bulk only from Liling Huaxin Insulator Technology. Here you can get Ceramic Insulators For Sale. We will bring the best for you at reasonable prices and in bulk also.

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