How to maintain and manage insulators
How to maintain and manage insulators

Today talk about how to maintain and manage insulators

Insulator cleaning
In humid weather, the dirty insulator is prone to flashover discharge, so it must be cleaned up to restore the original insulation level. The general area is cleaned once a year, and the dirty area is cleaned twice a year (once before the foggy season).

1. Power failure cleaning
Power cut cleaning means that workers climb the pole and wipe with a rag after the line is cut off. If it is not clean, you can wipe it with a damp cloth or detergent. If it is still not clean, you should replace the insulator or replace the synthetic insulator.

2. Clean without power failure
Generally, an insulating rod equipped with a brush or tied with cotton yarn is used to wipe the insulator on the running line. The electrical performance and effective length of the insulating rod used, as well as the distance between the person and the live part, should comply with the regulations of the corresponding voltage level, and special personnel must be supervised during operation.

3. Rinse with electrified water
There are two methods: big water flushing and small water flushing. The flushing water, the effective length of the operating rod, the distance between the person and the live part, etc. must meet the requirements of the industry regulations.

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