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Composite Insulator

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We offer a variety of substation insulators. Composite insulators can also be called non-porcelain, synthetic, rubber, and polymer insulators. The main structure consists of a shed skirt and a FRP rod. The shed skirt is usually made from organic synthetic materials such as ethylene propylene, high-temperature vulcanized silicon rubber, and others. ; FRP mandrels are generally made of glass fiber as a reinforcing material, and a oxidizing resin as a base material; The end fittings are generally carbon steel or carbon structural steel coated with hot zinc-aluminum.Classification of Silicone Rubber Insulators.Composite insulators can be divided into: line composite insulators and power stations, electrical composite insulators. You can also divide it into rod-shaped suspension composite insulationators, pin-type composite and insulators as well as cross-arm, pillar, partial windproof composite insulators and composite post insulators. End Fitting Structure. The structure of composite insulators varies depending on their intended use. The design of the metal tip must meet high voltage requirements. It must also meet the requirements for tensile strength and reliability. Composite insulators are usually made as a rod, with a low capacitance. The voltage distribution on the insulator's surface is uneven. In normal operation, corona generated by the insulator will cause harm, so it is important to use a pressure equalization device. The synthetic insulation material is not able to withstand an electrical arc exceeding several tens thousand kiloamperes. A short circuit fault will cause the umbrella to catch on the wire and tower. Therefore, arcing is necessary. The home and international methods of adding a pressure equalizing band to the composite insulation are used to create an uniform end electric field, weaken corona and cause fault arcs. Its purpose is to regulate the electric field strength within the insulator, prevent internal partial discharge, decrease the local electric fields strength of the exterior surface, particularly the metal connecting piece, and reduce radio interference. To improve the anti-smudge performance of the insulator, it is used to control the power frequency arc and to prevent the surface from being burned.
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