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Power Line Insulator

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Introduction. Electricity industries have become an integral part of our lives since the Edison direct current pearl street power plant's inception. Africa's rising energy demand is due to the rise of new industries and improvements in human living standards. The use of electrical insulators helps to stop current from reaching other places where it isn't needed or can cause harm to living organisms. Porcelain ceramic insulators are the most common insulator material used in electric power transmission and distribution. Ceramic porcelain is the best electrical insulator currently available. Ceramic porcelain insulators have excellent properties, including high mechanical strength, high electric stability, and resistance to corrosion even in harsh environments. These characteristics have made them a dominant insulator in the electrical power industry over the years, despite new insulators made of plastics and polymer-composite insulators. Porcelain insulators have shown many advantages over other insulators, including good mechanical strength, excellent environmental aging performance and resistance to material degradation due to electrical stress and discharge activities. Because porcelain is low in hydrophobic, it allows for high surface leakage currents to flow on wetted surfaces. This is due to the fact that water can form a continuous conductor film along the creepage path. Ceramic porcelain insulators are also susceptible to vandalism due to high costs. This led to the development of polymeric insulators at low distribution voltages as an alternative to ceramic porcelain. Polymeric insulators, on the other hand, are susceptible to UV rays, high voltage stress, and can also be subject to environmental pollution.
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