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24kV 100A polymer Drop fuse cut-out
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Drop out fuses and load-drop fuses are outdoor high voltage protection appliances. It is installed on the high voltage side of the distribution transformer or on the branch line of the distribution line. used as a short circuit of the transformer and the line, overload protection and split load current.


Drop type fuse in normal operation, the fuse tube with fuse tension after the formation of the closed position. When a fault occurs, fault current that the fuse is fused quickly, and the formation of arc, arc tube by arc burning, decomposition of the large amounts of gas, so that the tube is formed inside the high pressure, and along the pipeline to form longitudinal blow, arc is rapidly stretched out. After the fuse wire is broken, the lower moving contact without pulling down, the locking mechanism to release the fuse tube, fuse tube falls, formed apparent breaking position. When the need to pull the load with the insulating rod, moving contact, when active, static help contact still ran contact, continue to use the insulating rod pulling contact auxiliary contact separation, also, in the auxiliary contacts between arc, arc in the arc cover slit is elongated, and arc extinguishing cover to generate gas, in the electrical flow through zero, the extinction of arc.

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24kV 100A polymer Drop fuse cut-out

1、Normal conditions of use:
a) Environmental temperature not higher than+40℃ , not lower than - 40℃
b)Altitude does not exceed1000m;
c) The maximum wind speed of no more than 35m / S;
1. Does not exceed 8degree earthquake intensity.
2、The product is not applicable to the following locations:
a)Combustion or explosion risk areas;
b)With severe vibration or shock sites;
c) A conductive, chemical gas and serious pollution, salt fog area.
1. Provide safe and reliable industrial over-current protection of long history. lt may be due to the design of system load or malfunction caused demage condition of current protecticon equipment.
2. With good flexibility, the application of characterctics, easy installation, long service life and trouble-free operation, etc.
3. Excellent Fault-Current Breaking Capacity

The primary purpose of any fuse cutouts is to provide protection to the lines of your system and the various apparatus on those lines such as transformers and capacitor banks. Fuse cutouts provide reliable protection from low-level overloads that just melt the fuse link, intermediate faults, and very high faults, through maximum interrupting capacity. The Fuse Cutout are connected with the incoming feeder of the distribution transformer or distribution lines. These are primary used to protect transformers or lines from short circuits and overloads and switching currents. The drop out fuse unit is composed of insulator supports and a fuse tube, static contacts is fixed on two sides of insulator support and moving contact is installed on two ends of fuse tube. The interior of the fuse tube is the extinguishing tube, the exterior is made of phenolic compound paper tube or epoxy glass. OEM/ODM SERVICE FOR GLOBAL CUSTOMER

1.Customized design is available OEM ODM are welcome
2.Reply your enquiry in 24 working hours
3.Experienced staffs will answer all your questions in professional and fluent English
4.Exclusive unique solution can be proof provided by our well-trand and professional engineers
5.Special discount can be offered with large quantity
6.We will try our best to meet your requirements

Q1: Are you a factory or trading company
A1: We are a factory, we can guarantee our price is first-hand, very cheap and competitive.

Q2: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A2: All the products will be 100% checked before the shipment.

Q3: When can I get the price?
A3:Usually we quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.

Q4:what kind of payment do you accept?
A4:All payment method could be accept for mass production.

Q5:what about your delivery time ?
A5:Normaly our lead time is about 10-20 days.



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