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Composite Pin Insulator
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This product is suitable for high voltage line facilities. It has good hydrophobicity, ageing resistance, tracking resistance and electrical erosion resistance, also it has high bending resistance, torsion resistance, impulse resistance, Shockproof and brittle performance, light weight, convenient installation, if the mounting dimensions in the top and bottom is the same as the corresponding porcelain pin insulator, then it can be interchangeable.

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Composite Pin Insulator

Type No. Of Sheds “X” Length inches (mm) Diameter Inches (mm) Leakage Distance Inches (mm) Dry Arc Distance inches (mm) Lighting withstan voltage Wet power frequency voltage SML Specified Mechanical Load(kN)
D d
FPQ-10/5.0 3 285 123 93 450 208 110 40 76
FPQ-24/10.0 5 320 168 / 800 206 170 70 76
FPQ-24/12.5 5 252 165 135 650 165 170 65 76
FPQ-36/12.0 14 480 130 115 1200 356 230 90 76
FPQ-36/10.0 11 507 132 122 1100 356 230 90 140

Product structure and advantages
Composite insulator important structure is made of shed housing, epoxy fiberglass core and metal end fittings. The surface of terminal end fittings is covered with zinc coating(hot-dip galvanization) for corrosion protection. Compared with same type ceramic and glass insulator, silicone rubber insulator has the following advantages:
(1)Small volume, light weight(is 1/7~1/10 times than ceramic insulator in the same voltage), sheds have good elasticity, not broken, convenient transportation and installation, economy.
(2)High mechanical strength. FRP ROD has high tensile strength, which is 5-10 times than ceramic materials, for core is small cross section, which makes the products small size, light weight, high tensile strength, and easy to manufacture more than 300KN large tons insulators.
(3)High antifouling property, good aging resistance performance, the sheds made of silicone rubber injection mold has good hydrophobicity and migration, which makes insulator high anti pollution flashover voltage and good electric corrosion resistance.
(4)Easy installation and maintenance, can greatly reduce outage loss which cause due to maintenance and maintenance charges which cause by manual labor intensity.
(5)Simple production process, short delivery time.

This product is suitable for high voltage line facilities,technical reform of city network, polluted area, power facilities, line use, high voltage line hard jumper, high voltage transmission lines, high speed railway and city light rail traffic construction, ect.



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