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Hollow Composite Insulator
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PK can customize various kinds of hollow composite insulators, including conical type and straight type, voltage can be up to 550kV

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Hollow Composite Insulator

Hollow Composite Insulator used for transformer, high voltage circuit breaker, GIS, Cable terminal…

Product use High-voltage electrical products such as transformers , circuit breaker, cable terminal and GIS bushings are used for insulation..
Product structure Mainly composed of epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic tube, high temperature liquid silicone rubber umbrella group and flange.
Material: Hollow composite insulator is composed of glass steel tube,silicone rubber shed covers and end accessory.
+-0.01~+-0.1mm as per requirement
Product Characteristic: Stable performance and high reliability; Suitable for a wide range of voltages and applications; Stronger anti-pollution and anti-seismic characteristics; Lower probability of explosion; Lightweight design and easy to install; High hydrophobicity and long-term stability.
Facility: Hollow composite insulators are used for transformer, circuit breaker,cable terminal and GIS bushing
Certificates: ISO9001,ISO14001, ISO45001
Production time: 50-60days
Delivery & Service: On time delivery, provide customers with quality products and solve customers’ problem in time

Raw material Incoming Inspection
Silicone rubber Vulcanization
Color Calibrator
Mechanical load test
AC/DC Tracking & Erosion Device
Conductivity measuring
Dielectric property test
Rubber hardometer
Horizontal vertical combustion test instrument
Density Test
Tube Visual & Dimension
Water absorption rate
Water diffuson test
Dye Pebetration test
Oven Tests(content of the fiber glass)
Power frequency withstand test
Density Test
Puncture strength
Glass transition temperature
Fittings Venrification of Material
Visual & Dimension
Salt Spary Tests

In-Process Inspection
Prototype Verification
100% Visual checking(Sheds & Tube)
100% Inner pressure Test
100% Mechanical Test
100% Leakage Test


Sample Test
Visual & Dimension
Mechanical Test(2.0MSP/MML/1.5MML)
Dye Penetration Test on the Interface zone

Key Technical Parameter
Key Parameters’ Design---O-Ring Selection
● Material Selection:
Insulating medium(SF6、N2、Air)-EPDM
Insulating medium(RTV、Air)- Nitrile Rubber
Temperature resistance :
General:-40 ~ 120 ℃
Special:-55 ~ 150 ℃
Key Parameters’ Design--- Electrical(Shed Design)
♦1.Shed design as per standard IEC/TS 60815-3-2008, DL/T 1000.3-2015;
♦2.Product creepage distance design as per creepage ratio 31mm/kV. ● Stable performance and high reliability
● Suitable for a wide range of voltages and applications
● Proven performance is unaffected even under harsh conditions
● Stronger anti-pollution and anti-seismic characteristics
● Lower probability of explosion
● Lightweight design and easy to install
● High hydrophobicity and long-term stability● We promise to provide high quality products for each customer.
● We have professional QC team to ensure your product better.
● Strictly control each process to ensure the the quality of products
● Make the 100% inspection before the shipments.♦ HTV SR—expertise on it over 23 years.
♦ Whole Injection-Molding— expertise on it over 23 years.
♦ Hollow Insulator operation experience-PK over 30 years
♦ Advanced Management Team
♦ Government Support



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